Monday, 11 May 2020

Pharma CEO says U.S. manufacturing capacity is 'limited' in event of coronavirus vaccine, treatment

Pharma CEO says U.S. manufacturing capacity is 'limited' in event of coronavirus vaccine, treatmentDr. Leonard Schleifer, the CEO of pharmaceutical company Regeneron, is optimistic that there will eventually be a breakthrough when it comes to combating the disease, whether that comes in the form of a drug or a vaccine. But there will still be obstacles, he told CNN's Jack Tapper on Sunday's State of the Union.Regeneron is developing a coronavirus treatment. If and when a vaccine or treatment hits the market, there's still the question of how people will be able to access it, considering demand will be high, but Schleifer isn't too concerned about distribution -- he thinks whatever is available will be at pharmacies and doctors' offices. Instead, he's more worried about the United States' manufacturing capacity, which he described as "limited."Schleifer believes the one thing that's become clear throughout the pandemic is that the country needs more manufacturing capacity in place, generally speaking, so that if another novel virus rolls around in the future, the U.S. is in a better position to help everyone. > The United States' manufacturing capacity is "limited" in terms of producing coronavirus related treatments and vaccines says Dr. Leonard Schleifer, CEO of Regeneron. CNNSOTU> > -- State of the Union (@CNNSotu) May 10, 2020More stories from The dark decade ahead The making of a coronavirus conspiracy theory Trump claims coronavirus numbers 'are going down almost everywhere.' That's not the case.

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