Hey, how do you think a sentient baguette would move?

Hey, how do you think a sentient baguette would move?If a baguette was alive and could move around, how would it move?This is the vital question posed by a comedian and animator named Dave (@sheepfilms on Twitter), who gave the internet its latest thing to debate on Thursday. According to Dave, there are four possible ways a baguette could move: worm, gallop, robot rotate, and caterpillar.Please observe: SEE ALSO: Is there something wrong with me if I only hear Yanny and not Laurel?A poll tweeted shortly after the video reveals number 3 (robot rotate) as the clear frontrunner. I agree, as this is the only scenario in which the baguette's crusty exterior would not be compromised. You know what they say: A floppy baguette is no baguette at all. (No one says that.)> Here's a survey. How would a baguette move?> > -- Dave (@sheepfilms) February 7, 2019On Twitter, most people agree with me, proving that I am right. I knew it! However, some people did suggest other alternatives. For example, what if the baguette just rolled around on its side like a log? That might be good, although perhaps a little slow.Please feel free to bring this up at your next social gathering. Everyone will love it. WATCH: Twitter turned this massive fried rice prank into a pretty great meme -- All the Memes

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