Jeff Bezos is the richest person ever, Kodak is launching a cryptocurrency

Jeff Bezos has become the richest person ever (ish). The Amazon founder's wealth rocketed to $105.1 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, after shares in the company soared on strong holiday sales. The record was previously held by Microsoft (LinkedIn’s parent) founder Bill Gates, whose net worth was briefly above $100 billion in 1999. (And he’d still top the chart if he hadn’t given so much of his wealth to charity.) But if you account for inflation, Bezos has competition; Augustus Caesar’s fortune, for example, could be worth a cool $5 trillion. Either way, the Amazon chief is worth more than the GDP of 125 of the world’s 195 countries. • Share your thoughts: #BezosRich

Kodak is having a moment: Eastman Kodak is the latest business joining the cryptocurrency craze. KodakCoin, a digital currency based on blockchain, will be used by photographers to license their work and receive payments; it will be traded on an online platform after an initial coin offering January 31. The Rochester-based photo company went bankrupt in 2012 but emerged two years later after selling most of its patents. It joins a slew of businesses jumping on the crypto trend and seeing stocks soar. • Share your thoughts: #KodakCoin

An 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck the Caribbean on Tuesday evening. Subsequent tsunami advisories for Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Honduras and Belize were canceled roughly two hours after the quake hit, according to Reuters. There have been no reports of serious damage or casualties thus far. • Follow updates here: #CaribbeanQuake

Almost all US jobs created between 2005 to 2015 have been temporary, Quartz reports. “Alternative work” accounted for 94% of new jobs during that period — with the biggest increases coming from freelancers, independent contractors, and contract company workers (who work at a business but are paid by an outside firm). The shift could be positive workers seeking flexibility, Princeton economist Alan Krueger notes, but may spell trouble for the future of full-time, stable positions. • Share your thoughts: #TempWork

H-1B visa extensions aren’t going anywhere, the USCIS says. Following earlier reports, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services confirmed that it is not considering an end to H-1B visa extensions. The policy shift would have impacted visa holders with pending green card applications, many of whom work in tech. The USCIS is mulling other changes as part of the Trump administration’s Buy American, Hire American executive order signed last April. • Share your thoughts: #H1BVisaExtension

Idea of the Day: “The reason that the term ‘New Year’s Resolution’ sticks in my craw is that, simply put, it’s an empty promise,” says leadership speaker and author Dave Crenshaw. It’s not just about setting goals — to make these dreams a reality, you have to come up with a plan.