It’s getting tougher to fly domestic, Google memo author is suing

Starting January 22, a driver’s license may not be sufficient identification for US domestic travelers. The Real ID Act, passed by Congress in 2005, requires an “enhanced ID” to show at domestic airline security. 26 states — including California, Maine, Massachusetts, and South Carolina — have been granted extensions for the law, which means flyers with those state IDs can use their current licenses until October 11. By October 1, 2020, every flyer will need to show a license compliant with Real ID, or another approved form of ID like a passport. • Share your thoughts: #RealID

Ex-Google engineer and controversial memo author James Damore is suing the company. The engineer filed a class-action lawsuit, with fellow former Googler David Gudeman, alleging the tech giant discriminates against white male conservatives and that it conducts illegal hiring practices to boost its number of women and minorities. Google fired Damore for promoting "harmful gender stereotypes" after his memo was leaked to the media last summer. Google has also recently faced claims, from the Labor Department and another lawsuit, that it systematically pays women less than men. • Share your thoughts: #GoogleManifesto

Natural disasters cost the US a record $306 billion last year. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, which slammed the US mainland and surrounding islands in quick succession, contributed $265 billion and California’s wildfires added $18 billion. It’s the most expensive year for natural disasters since records began in 1980. These incidents take a toll on the economy, although it may not show up immediately. “The idea that it causes any kind of economic stimulus is a myth,” says Solomon Hsiang, UC Berkeley public policy professor. • Share your thoughts: #NaturalDisastersCost

GoPro is exploring a sale and slashing 20% of its workforce amid plunging sales projections, increased competition, and a weak holiday season. The action camera maker, whose drones had to be recalled last year after reportedly falling from the sky, has hired JPMorgan Chase to help find a buyer, CNBC reports. CEO Nick Woodman, the nation’s highest paid chief exec in 2014, will also reduce his 2018 cash compensation to $1. • Share your thoughts: #GoProJobs

Cryptos get the regulation blues: Digital currencies sank yesterday amid concerns that regulators are getting their hands on the market, Bloomberg reports. Bitcoin led the way, falling 17% to $14,820 (the most in two weeks), with most other of the top 10 cryptocurrencies declining at least 10%. China and South Korea are increasingly eyeing bitcoin mining and trading, while the US has begun cracking down on some digital coin sales. • Share your thoughts: #CryptoCringe

Idea of the Day: “There’s no change without risk,” says PNLDecide CFO Rudolph Rosenberg. But that doesn’t mean risk has to be all-or-nothing — changing jobs, starting a business. Before taking a leap, evaluate your options and think about the in-between.

“Crafting the right solution to achieve your goals that makes you take just the right amount of risk is an art in itself, but it’s an art that can be learned and that can be guided.”