Sunday, 26 November 2017

Moeen Ali sparks white line fever but England’s Ashes issues run far deeper | Ali Martin

An atomic level of analysis followed the dismissal – including the wobbliness of the line – but England need to put it behind them and quell talk of a whitewash
Shoddyline? Wobblyline? Amid a frenetic fourth afternoon at the Gabba that saw the hopes the suncream-slathered travelling support rise, before eventually crashing down, it was the marginal decision that sent Moeen Ali on his way that sparked some curious white line fever.
When the scorebook for this Ashes opener is pored over it by future generations it will simply read MM Ali st Paine b Lyon 40 and tell little of the debate that resulted. It ranged from atomic level analysis of the batsman’s back foot, to the thickness of the painted crease, all with the nebulous “benefit of the doubt” thrown in for good measure.
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from The Guardian