Can my wife visit me in the UK before we apply for a Spouse Visa?

I'm a British citizen and recently got married in Japan to a Japanese woman. Eventually my visa ran out and I had to return to the UK, and the plan is for her to eventually move here.

Because it will be a while before I get a job, hold it for 6 months and be allowed to apply for a Spouse Visa, and because we can't stand the wait, she is coming over to visit for a few weeks. Since she's Japanese she should be visa-exempt for stays of up to 6 months.

I have heard that, if you have already applied for a Spouse Visa, it is unwise for a spouse to come to stay before it has been granted as it could jeopardize the application.

But is there any reason she shouldn't come to visit before we have even made the application? Will an Immigration Officer refuse her entry on the assumption that she'll probably try to overstay ?


"What is the purpose of your visit?"

"I am here for 3 weeks to maintain relationships with my husband."

"Where is your husband now?"

"He is in the arrivals hall."

"Where does he live and why are you living separately?"

"He lives in Cheshire and he is preparing to qualify for my spouse visa, hence we are living apart for an estimated 12 months. But it is still necessary and reasonable for us to maintain our relationship in the meantime."

"What do you do for a living?"

"My husband is the primary earner and he works at Car Phone Warehouse, I have an administrative position at the Mojo Dojo."

"Enjoy your visit"

It is absolutely reasonable for a husband and wife to maintain relationships. There is no punishment for telling the truth. And moreover, one of the things they look for in establishing the authenticity of a marriage is 'intervening devotion' which makes visits during lengthy separations massively desirable.

They get worried if it looks like one of the partners will enter breach. They will also get worried if one of the partners has a failed settlement visa. Remember that if you do get in and enter breach it may be very difficult to advance your status beyond settlement to get a British passport.


A reasonable premise and a transparent demeanour will prevail. We have pointed out in dozens of articles here about the importance of personal impact and articulation skills and how they govern the outcome of a landing interview. It's worthwhile to ask your wife to read them
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