How to view public Exchange calendars from iCal?

In my company, people use shared Exchange calendars to organize their work. They see all the public calendars in Exchange after they login. Sadly, this doesn't work for me on Mac: after adding the Exchange account in System Preferences I see only my own Exchange calendar and none of the shared ones. I read here about using delegation, but I don't know what e-mail to type there, as others see these calendars just as "public". Any hints?


I just had this problem on and just figured it out using the instructions on this page. The instructions on the linked page are for ical. I don't have access to ical so I can't confirm that it works on ical. But it works well on So... I'm hoping it will work just the same for you.

Here are the steps:

Login to Outlook Web Access (the web interface for your Exchange Server).
Click on public folders (for me, it was all they way in the bottom left).
The, navigate to the public folder of your choice (I needed a calendar).
Right click on the public calendar and select copy from the context menu.
Navigate back to your own mailbox (I clicked "mail" in the lower left).
Right click on your own calendar and click paste (I added it to a new folder).
Return to iCal and refresh (not sure how you do that in iCal).

Hope it works as well for you as it just did for me!
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