How I closed on close to half a million in less than 30 days at Shopify

“How I closed on close to half a million in less than 30 days!”
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My name is Joshua Tatum and I have been marketing online a little over a year. Business has had it Ups and Downs but I am blessed to say majority have been wins, but what I’ve learned from the losses far outweighs the feeling of days win. We are living in a special time where a lot of effort mixed with an obsession like focus can change the trajectory of your life. You can build a business from home. You can live semi-retired before you’re 40. You can employ and empower a team of dedicated individuals who believe in your brand. This little internet thing of ours is something special.
Product Research: Dropshipping from Aliexpress can be a great way to make cash but can you build a brand? I eliminated my competition by focusing on an area in the market that had loads of opportunity. Google Trends, Pinterest Research, Business Insider, Facebook Product Research and Etsy have all aided in providing me with great market research.
Ali is a great way to test products in given niches. Once you find a winner, immediately order in bulk and find a local fulfillment company that can fulfill your orders.
The Advertising: Most ads I see throughout the news feed consist of the same Ad-Copy model. “Grab Yours Here for 50% off” “Take 20% off your first order” etc. All have worked for me but I find connecting emotionally with the targeted audience is where the magic happens. Appealing to their wants and desires will immediately gain their attention. I am trying to sell the CLICK. My store will sell the Product. For this store, we don’t use any discount language in the ad. Instead we focus on relatibility and audience engagement. Your audience may be conditioned to seeing discounts in Facebook Advertising. Break them from it. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and your audience to think differently throughout the buying process. Sell the click. Get them ready to buy then BOOM!
The Method: Manual Bidding on an Page Post with a clickable link! I’ve found that this only works well for a winning product. Video is the King but don’t take the bait in thinking that 1200X1200 and 1200 X1650 images aren’t still crushing they most certainly are! I scale fast and hard. The mindset while doing so is I need to inform Facebook that I’m not here to spam their users. I’m here for the long-game. To build an asset and in doing so I will invest into my business like every other viable company/brand has done. You can make a $100 a day on a $10 product ad but if you want to build a business you need to pay for the data, analyze the data, and scale based on positive funnel behavior. What I deem as positive funnel behavior is PURCHASES. If I’ve sold 6-10 units within 3 days on a $20 adset I’m bumping to $100. If that $100 brings in another 12 units sold I’m scaling to $250 then $500 and so on as long as I can maintain a solid 3:1 Return on Adspend ( For every $1 i spend I’m bringing in 3). Every has their own methods and practices, what works for me may not work for you. But this business mantra has remained the same since the stone ages, “You have to spend money to make money”.
Your BID amount is determined by the amount you are willing to spend to acquire a customer. On this $200 product I could bid $50 - $65 and still be within that 3:1 profit ratio.
The Secret Sauce: Invest in yourself. Study from the great marketing minds out there and in this very group. Find power in the fact that while you are up creating campaigns, scouring the internet for product ideas, and coaching VA’s on taking care of your customers there is someone out there who believes that making money online just takes a recycled product and over-used ad copy.
Murray Edwards I appreciate you for being the first of many friend/mentors that gave me true knowledge on how to convert cold traffic. Our conversations helped make me financially independent. Forever a friend!
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