Why Sometimes It's Not Important To Check the Keyword Competition

Finding the competition of a keyword is the most controversial topics in the world of SEO. Everyone has his own way of finding that. The topic that I'm going to discuss is critical and important.
Newbies who make a new site, a lot of people tell 'em ky buy an SEMRUSH account and find a keyword that has a volume per month of 5000 and On-Page and rank . But I say something different. I believe when you make a new site you should write on a keyword that a volume of 200 or less or zero. You should write anything you love and try to rank that.
Agr Low Volume Rank Kar Rha Hai Un Keyword Par Jis Ka Volume 100 Per Month Hai To Matlab Aap Achi On-Page Kar Rhy Han Aur SEO Achi Ja Rhi Hai Phr Aap 300 Ko Target KArain Then 500 Volume Per Month Agr Ranking Achi Ja Rhi Hai Is Tarha Apky Article Zaida Ho Jye GY Google Nazr Main Apki Ranking Achi Jye Gi One By One. Agr 100 Wala Hi Rank Nhi Kar Rha Hai To 5000 Wala Kis Khushi Main Rank Ho Hoga? Ho Bhi Sakta Hai If you're good at making good backlinks or you've found an extremely low competition keyword. But it makes sense!
Because when you make a new site, and write such articles that have good volume, but are not getting ranked and you have waited for than a month and your keyword (or keywords if you're ranking the same article for the multiple keywords) You will be disappointed. You will never work in the field of SEO if you're making a mistake at the initial level.
Let's come to the point why you don't sometimes need to check the competition of the keyword. What a million dollars question it is, isn't?
As I gave an example of a keyword in my previous episode, the keyword is "elegy written in a country churchyard" *Elegy Ek Sad Poem Hoti hai, Jis Main Marny Waly Ky Bary Main Likha Jata Hai)
The above keyword has 8000 volume per month, so it's a somewhat high competition keyword. You can't rank at first if you've made a new site. Why? Because:
1. All the top 10 competitors have used the keyword in the title, and in the article. Some of them in the URL. They have done great On-Page SEO.
2. Sab Sy Bari Cheez Ky Sab Ki Intent Clear Hai Ky Wo Kis Ko Keyword Kar Rhy Han. Google sees the intent. If it's to the point, it shows that result. If it, it shows irrelevant results. Is Liye Main Bar Bar Intent Ki Baat Karta Hon, Isi Liye Main User Expericne Ki Baat Karta Hon, Isi Liye Main Relevancy Ki Baat Karta Hai. Wo Keyword Somewhat High Hai For Newbies Kiyn Ky Wo Keyword Aur Un Ky Top 10 Competition Ki Intent aur Relevancy Clear Hai.
3. This point is for those who need more technical otherwise above 2 points are enough to tell about the keyword. When you put the same keyword in Moz http://bit.ly/MozSite (I have put the keyword in the link), and click on Analysis, you will check the keyword is above 40 which is high as per Moz article. The same LTP shows that http://prntscr.com/dd6w1u. It means it's a somewhat high competition.
Then what should you do for making it less competitional keyword?
As I explained in the previous episode. You will make use of Google Suggestions, and write A to Z after the keyword. For example, "elegy written in a country churchyard a" http://prntscr.com/dd6y4g when you reach to L, you will find this result http://prntscr.com/dd6ysu, Mazy ka Kam Hai Na? :P
This keyword "elegy written in a country churchyard line by line analysis" you will get and it has 210 per month searches and extremely low competition keyword. Why can you rank this keyword without checking any keyword? Because:
1. None of the competitors have done Good On-Page SEO Matlab Exact Itna Lamba Keyword Kisi Ny Bhi Apny Title Main Use Nhi Kiya. Matlab Competitors Barain Weak Hai. Kisi Ny Bhi Is Par Article Nhi Likha.
2. Kisi Bhi Competitor Ki Intent (Niyat) Nhi Thi Is Par Likhni Ki, Google Intent Ko Dekhta Hai, Jo Ky Bara Weak and you will need to make a few backlinks also. Aur Kisi Ki Relevancy Bhi Theak Nhi.
(Agr Aap Ko Intent Aur Relevancy Aur User Experience Ki Samjh A Jye Samjh Apko Adhi SEO A Gye)
3. It's no difficulty as per Moz If it's below 30 it is considered extremely low as per Moz article (http://prntscr.com/dd7arc) and LTP (http://prntscr.com/dd7c1l)
Agr Jab Aap Keyword Likhain Aur Keyword Ki On Page Achi Nhi To Matlab Wo Keyword Aap Acha Sy Rank Kar Sakty Han. It hope it would help you to understand better otherwise I can write more than 2000 words. If you have a question, you can ask.
(If you need LTP, you can inbox me. Otherwise, I will upload for all the group members tomorrow in which other important software will also be mentioned)
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