What Things Are Important Before Doing Keyword Research

Tomorrow is BloggersFunda's Party! So, in the tomorrow episode, I will tell how you can do Keyword Research with a paid tool that you can get for free along with a video on the weekend in which I usually cover all the SEO Episodes of a week in an Urdu short tutorial. You can watch my previous video - link given below.
There are some things you must have knowledge before doing Keyword Research:
1. You must have knowledge what to do with keywords (and what is a keyword) that you will find and how to use the keywords in an article. Read the article about On-Page on the Backlinko website. Search in Google Seach Engine, you will find with ease.
We usually write articles on a keyword that we find. We normally find low competition keywords on which no or few articles are written, but have good per month searches. You write on low competition keywords; you get ranked them with ease. Finding is not easy! It might take time. Once you have got experience of it, it would be easy for you.
2. You must know that what is the intent. Intent means what is the purpose of the keyword to be written in the search engine(Niyat Kya Hai Is Keyword Ky Pechy). For example, when a person writes "Used Cars in Lahore" You know what is its intent (Niyat) as he wants to buy a used car in Lahore. You know it's a transactional keyword. Read in Episode 2 in which I explained all its types and importance.
If you find a keyword like "Gmail Sign In", suppose it is a good keyword with good monthly volume searches, but the intent of the user is to sign in Gmail, he will not open your site. Similarly, a keyword "Lahore to Karachi Distance" Google shows "16 h 57 min (1,272.0 km)". It means the person will never click to your 1st or even 2nd result. Because its intent (Niyat) is to know the distance that Google has told him directly with a single result.
3. You must have a website or a free blog on Blogger in order to practice SEO. SEO is all about practical knowledge. The more you apply, the more you gain. Theoretical knowledge will kill you as it's said less knowledge is a crime .because what you learn works differently when you apply and implement. You face problems that are not explained in the text. For example, SEO Yoest is not installing etc.
4. You must use Google a lot. Try different results, open the site and check how they are ranking. Go to the source by clicking right, and check the On-Page way of that page. Don't worry I will explain this in the video.
There are many other things, but in my mind now. I will try to explain in the video that will be uploaded on the weekend. Tomorrow is my last paper. :D
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