What Should You Buy For Ranking A Site in Pakistan Faster? .Com or .Pk? The Big WHY!

It’s rightly said the first mistake a person makes is selecting the wrong domain. A person has no idea how a domain name matters a lot when it comes to ranking in the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position).
Google wants to show the most specific results depending upon the geographical location of the person. In the SEO world, it’s called showing the results due to the intent and the relevancy.
What does it mean to you?
It shows that if you want a better ranking in Pakistan, you must buy in .pk domain. Am I joking? Search "Zong 4g Packages", if you are searching via Google Pakistan, you will mostly see results in .com.pk or .pk. (Check here http://bit.ly/ZONG4GP)
Why it's so? Picking a country wise domain makes your rank higher? Of course it does! That's why, it's said! A .com ranks for international keywords and .pk for Pakistan.
But even if you've bought .com, and you're writing Pakistani related content, Google will get an idea of your site that this site writes content about Pakistani then it will show more results to Pakistani users as well.
How Google identify your results? First it read your article that's called crawling, then it looks at the external links that are all linked to Pakistani websites, then you use Pakistani keywords like Lahore in your article, Pakistan etc, there are many factors too that make it possible.
This factor is also responsible that I wrote in Episode 25:
"It means your IP address, your Google Search Engine history, your behavior while visiting a website etc are being stored.
When you search a specific thing, Google first finds your IP address, then check your history, then check your Google Plus+, then it shows the result depending upon your location. "
People check their keywords JAB Google Sign In Hota Hai Aur Keyword Upper Dekh Kar Khush Hoty Han :P
It means if you've made a site for the Pakistani users, for a better ranking, you will get backlinks from the Pakistani websites.
If you've a new startup in Pakistan, you can get a backlink from Propakistani, but it doesn't accept with ease.
But it's not the hard rule. If you read my previous episode the psychology making of a backlink where I told making a backlink is against Google Webmaster Guidelines, that's why, if Google detects that this backlink is made by you, you will be deindexed from the search engine of Google.
I've seen many Bloggers Funda users who send me their sites then they say we have a drop in traffic, when I say from where did you get the backlink, they say from a PBN! That's why, a deep care is needed in order to get a backlink from a PBN. Google is really against it. If you have a PBN, people can easily report to Google to make your site deindex. Just a little care is required, buy from an authentic person.
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