What is the CDN? Why It's Critical For SEO

In the previous episode, I talked about the hosting. The better hosting you have, which has good uptime, is good for SEO.
Then I also explained how you could check the uptime of a hosting via website www.uptimerobot.com free of cost.
It doesn't matter how much fast hosting you have; you can make it even more quickly with a CDN. You might be thinking what the CDN is?
CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. As the term tells that it's a network of servers all over the world (most cities) that store your website data (cache) for the fast delivering to the required user.
For example, you buy a local hosting of Pakistan, its server is only in Lahore. The user who lives in Lahore will be able to run the website fast which is hosted on the local hosting, but when the person who is living in the USA will try to open the Pakistani site it would take time.
So, what is the solution for it? How can you make your site faster to the user who opens your site while living in the USA? By CDN!
Yes, you will use CDN which is free. Use of Cloudflare. Today almost every website uses the CDN of CloudFlare because of its performance otherwise MaxCDN is the best if you have money.
Once you establish the CDN on your site, your site will be delivered to the servers all over the world. If the person lives in Paris, your website will be loaded fast thanks to the CDN.
It means even if you buy slow hosting; CDN will make your site faster? No, it's not the case. If your hosting is down, CDN will not help in this regard. Yes, it saves your bandwidth that you can check after putting your site by going to Dashboard.
If you want to see how to install free CDN of CloudFlare then watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75lVjxYSkVk
If you have a question, you can ask.
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