How To Do Keyword Research - The 90% SEO Part 3/3

If you write a keyword into the search box of Google, Agr Google Us Ka Acha Answer Dy Rha Hai, and all the websites have done great On-Page then it's not your game. But If you write such a keyword, and Google doesn't provide a good answer then it means the keyword is low competition because the websites haven't done good On-Page SEO - the keyword in the title, URL, content short, alt image etc and weak in terms of backlinks. Matlab Competitros Weak, Then Faida Uthao!
When you make an website initially, you write on extremely low competition keywords even they have 100 volume per month. Once it's getting ranked on the keyword, you think you're doing a great job.
Agr Bhai, esa keyword jis ka volume 100 per month hai agr wohi rank nhi ho rha apsy how you can expect ky wo keyword rank hoga jis ka volume 5000 per month hai? Bas Sab Achy CPC aur Volume Waly Ky Pechy Pary Rehty Han Jab New Site Banany Han To Low Ko Target Ky Ky Rank Kro Then BAra Sachoo!
If you're not able to find a keyword, and you have a new site. Write any unique post that hasn't been written, and rank in Google via Good On-Page. You will be happy to see the result. is a good place where people ask questions that they are unable to find on the internet (mostly). You find those questions, and read the answer, you search for their volume search, check on Google either it's low competition due to weak ON-Page of competitors, you write an article on the same question by a finding answer on its answer sections, and you rank that.
If you go to more specific niche, you will find more potential keywords. The same goes for Yahoo Answer.
2) Think Out of the Box:
It's the best that I have done. I've been running the internet from my 4th class when I used to go to my father's army library in Karachi Malir Cantt, and I had a 230kbps internet connection at my home, so I've visited more than a thousand websites in my life. I can easily judge either this website is looking great or not. Jesy Mainy Example Di Thi Logo Seekhna Hai To Google Images Main Daily 5 MInt Logo Dekho Khud Samjh A Jani Kesy Colour Etc Acha Lgta Hai. The same you will do.
Take a notebook, and start thinking why I can find more such keywords. You will find many ideas.
You will check when you write something in Youtube Search Box, it shows some keywords. When you write in Bing and Yahoo Search Engine, you find more potential keywords (Jo Auto Suggestion Main A Rhy Hoty Han). You will find a website is, again and again, writing about a particular keyword, it means it's ranking for it (see a proof You will find countless ways to find unlimited keywords.
Similar, you will write "Keyword Finders" in Google, you will find many websites that can help for this. You can get Long Tail Pro that can find more keywords for you. In SEMRUSH, it has a tool SEO Magic that can get more than a 1 lakh keyword on a single file that I will show in the next video of this weekend.
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