General Niche Or Specific Niche: Which Should I Choose!

There is a huge debate in selecting a niche either a person should select a general niche or specific niche.
When the smartphone came into being, people started making smartphone websites in which they covered everything: reviews, operating system, news etc. When the competition got high, people began to work on a single topic like reviews.
The same happened, when the internet came into being, people started to write a lot about general topics like computer, internet, super computer, car, train.
When all the general topics had been written, then they came from general to specific.
If you were at that age, even you write an article on mobile, it can easily be ranked. Now the competition is high, if you write an article on mobile that is of 100,000 words, it will never rank.
The same happens when we study like Chemistry. In earlier classes, we are taught what is an atom. It's an electron, proton, and neutron. In the next classes, we learn, why a bond is formed, what happens when an electron jumps from one shell to another shell. etc. We study from more general to specific.
Let's come to the point.
Why it's said Wikihow, Quora, eHow articles can be ranked with ease?
Because they are general niche website. They have everything, a specific niche has the thing for that it's made. It targets the specific people, writes targeted articles, brings targeted traffic.
Google comes to know this website is about a specific niche. In short, it has following advantages:
1. Your internal linking becomes strong because the previous and the next article become related to each other. I have explained the advantages of internal linking.
2. You can focus great. You know your goal. You know what the plan is. You think at a particular angle. In this way, you get ideas in order to expand your business.
3. You need less effort. You make a niche Jis Main Aap Ka Knowlege Hota Hai, so you can write with your full power and passion. You don't need to hire an article writer if you are the writer.
4. You get more subscriber. Apky Visiters Janty Han Ky Ye Is Topic Par BAat Karta Hai. They bookmark your site for the future updates as I subscribed 2 years ago which is about Psychology, and I am its regular visitors.
5. You get niche wise backlinks, niche wise anchor texts, niche wise social sharing that make easy for Google to read your site.
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