An Analysis of Failed Sites of Bloggers Funda's Users.

Since the joining of this group, I have seen many websites of the users of this group on which 1000+ words of more than 30 articles have been written, but zero or close to zero traffic. I noted down these factors from the analysis of websites which are hardly geting success in the SEO World (As the Most Important Factor Was Discussed in The Episode 1, Link Given Below)
1. Cheap Hosting:
It's one of the most common issues that is ignored by many people. They buy cheap hosting in return their websites remain offline for 2 to 3 hours per day or per week. They buy from Pakistani people which give cheap hosting, but wrost in term of performace. Google hates such sites; it doesn't matter the content on the website as per Google. Khuda Ka Liye! Use a good hosting.
If you can't use a good hosting, then use the fastest free hosting provided by Google in the form of Blogger where you can attach your custom .com domain free of cost. You can watch this video how it is done. Learn a little bit HTML, then edit your theme by downloading a good theme from the internet. I use templates from this website
2. Zero User Experience:
People don't know what is user experience. It took me weeks to understand the true meaning of user experience - when I entered in this field intially. People use worst theme who gives zero user experience to users. I am extremely sorry if the next sentence is going to hurt you. Sahifa is the worst theme of this modern era in term of user experience according to me. If you want to see what is a good experience theme then visit, etc. I know you can't make such an amazing theme, but you can make use of the many themes as per requirements.
You can create an amazing theme with Newspaper Wordpress Theme (Check Demo: that has been shared in this group if you search into the search box of this group, you can find. How you can make? Just watch the 20 minutes of its official videos that are uploaded on its official Youtube Channel.
You would visit as many websites as possible. You will obverse everything. How logo is made. How the design it is. How ads are placed. The distance between from thing to this thing. Everything means everything. Esy Hi Jesy Kisi Ko Shaiary Na Ati Ho To Wo Shary Ki Books Read KArty Ga, Rules Parhy Ga to Achi Shary A Jani! Logo Nhi Bananana Ata, Google Images Main Daily 10 Minutes Logo Dekhain For A Week, Aap Ko Samjh A Jana Is Logo Main Konsa Colour Acha Lgna! Make Your Site Like Professional! That's why, it's the key to success.
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