What is Bounce Rate? Why Is it Critical For SEO And The Ways To Make It Lower? Part 3/3 | 6 Factors At A Glance

In part I, I talked about two factors where I depicted how you can reduce the bounce rate, and in part II, a lot of people had confusion in determining the bounce rate correctly.
In this part III, I will explain 6 factors by which you can reduce your bounce rate.
These are the followings:
1. Good Internal Linking | External Linking With A New Open Windows
If your site is old, and you have written so many articles and the written articles belong to the same niche, then it becomes easy to interlink each other.
It lowers the bounce rate as the person clicks on many websites as well as it increases Avg. Duration Time of your website.
It also helps in ranking.
Check the example of Wikipedia that uses a lot of internal linking. You keep clicking the anchor texts in order to learn more, in this way, bounce rate reduces to a greater extent.
You should use the external link as well, but it should be opened in a new window otherwise your website will close that will be counted as a bounce.
2. Short Paragraph with Sub-headings and Bullet points
I love the article that has sub-headings because it makes easy to read the article.
If a person likes a thing, then you must have knowledge that Google likes that thing too. That's why it's said: "you should write for the users, not the search engine."
I have seen many websites of this group on which long paragraph are written.
People like to read short paragraphs. If you visit Backlinko, he uses the same way, and its bounce rate is below 45 shown one of his articles.
|| "Spin Content Software cannot do it! They can't write such an engaging article with short paragraphs." ||
If your article writer is writing long paragraphs, then it's time to change his perception.
3. Intent Based Keywords
Yep! It's right that if you're not targeting the right keywords based on real intent, then you're bringing wrong visitors that will make the bounce rate of your website a lot higher.
The same goes for the social sharing, if you're not sharing your articles for the right niche in the right groups, you will waste your time and money.
It also shows that if you're ranking a keyword that is not fulfilling the intent of the keyword, even you rank that article, it will have more harm than good.
4. Fix Broken Links
If you haven't done an audit of your website that shows all the errors of your website, then you may get into hot water.
You must check all the broken links on your website, then fix that because it makes user exit the rate that makes the bounce rate higher.
5. Font Size. Color. Logo. Theme.
It's true that I don't like to read an article on a website that has too small font size as well as it has so strange color.
There are so many in this group who don't care. Their font is so strange as if letters seem mixed with each other.
Please visit BBC Future, Propakistani, Neilpatel.com, and check the font size and font style by going to inspect element. I will show in this weekend video.
6. Speed Up the Page | Good Hosting | Optimized Images
It's time to speed up your website so that users don't leave your website because of slow site speed.
If your article is loading slow, then use CDN that makes your site's load time lower as well as use optimized images of low size so that it can be loaded fast.
There are a lot of other ways to reduce that, but for this, these are the critical ones.
What is Bounce Rate? Why Is it Critical For SEO And The Ways To Make It Lower? Part 3/3 | 6 Factors At A Glance What is Bounce Rate? Why Is it Critical For SEO And The Ways To Make It Lower? Part 3/3 | 6 Factors At A Glance Reviewed by Hamza Bashir Ahmad on 00:12:00 Rating: 5